Tech Innovation framework

A new framework for early adopters of cloud-based, innovative solutions in the GP marketplace.

The Tech Innovation framework (TIF) was launched in November 2022 and introduces the next generation of standards for GP core clinical systems, known as Foundation Solutions. These new innovative, cloud-based solutions will sit alongside the current GP IT Futures Foundation Solutions on the Buying Catalogue, providing greater choice and different user experiences.

TIF is focused on the 6 Foundation Capabilities:

  • Appointments Management - GP
  • Patient Information Maintenance - GP
  • Prescribing
  • Recording Consultations - GP
  • Referral Management - GP
  • Resource Management - GP

Extra Capabilities may be offered by new suppliers, but only as part of a new Foundation Solution Set.

The framework will operate for a maximum of 4 years, however, once they’ve been made available on the Buying Catalogue, new solutions may be procured via a Call-off Order for an initial term of 12 months and a maximum term of 60 months.

We’re encouraging all interested organisations to visit our Early Adopter website (opens in a new tab) first. You’ll find help for early adopters of TIF solutions around the business and technical aspects of a change of Foundation Solution. This includes the discovery of new solutions with no obligation to proceed to a Call-off Order.

We’ll be updating the content on a regular basis and will link to new solutions as they become available to procure, so make sure you check the page regularly to see what’s new.

You can find a general overview of TIF on our website (opens in a new tab).

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