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T-Pro eClinic Manager


Solution ID: 10094-001

Solution information last updated: 11 August 2021
Framework(s): DFOCVC



eClinic Manager offers compelling value in the video consultation process – from scheduling, patient communication, waiting room management, and discharge. eClinic Manager is designed to deliver convenient virtual care that improves outcomes, boosts productivity, and improves operational efficiency and capacity.

Full description

eClinic Manager is an intuitive video consultation platform which enables public and private healthcare organisations to securely manage face-to-face, telephone and video consultations from a single consolidated platform. Healthcare organisations can automatically schedule appointments and allow clinicians to treat patients online using video consultation through their smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Developed with accessibility in mind, T-Pro has designed eClinic Manager to be extremely simple and easy to use for both clinicians and patients, and can integrate with any PAS, EPR or other clinical systems.


This Catalogue Solution has the following features that can help meet needs in primary care:
  • Easy to use mobile and web enabled interfaces
  • Automatically schedule video appointment via PAS/EPR integration - or create one manually
  • Improve user adoption with telephone consultation, as an additional communication method
  • Option to send patient secure email or SMS to access appointment - no account registration required
  • Customise templates for new appointments, reminders, cancellations etc
  • Route patients to the right clinic, track wait time, triage and prep patients from their homes
  • Support for group video sessions
  • Instant chat messaging, access to patient records, screen share, request screenshot etc
  • Generate attendance reports for compliance and reimbursement
  • Access to 7 day-a-week live chat functionality, and integrated knowledge base

Capabilities met - NHS assured

This Catalogue Solution has demonstrated that it can help meet the following needs in primary care:

Video Consultation, 1.0.0

The Video Consultation Capability allows Health or Care Professionals to conduct secure live remote video consultations with individual or groups of Patients/Service Users/Proxies ensuring they can receive support relating to healthcare concerns when a Video Consultation is most appropriate.
How this capability was met
Capabilities are a set of requirements that are defined using short descriptions called epics. Capabilities are achieved when a Catalogue Solution meets the required epics.
There are two types of epic: must and may. Some capabilities require the Catalogue Solution to meet all of the must epics, some require only one must epic to be met. May epics are optional.
This Catalogue Solution has achieved the following:
Must epics

Must epics that have been met

  • conduct Video Consultation (E00039)
May epics

May epics that have been met

  • conduct a Video Consultation with the Patient/Service User without registration (E00041)
  • end Video Consultation with a Patient/Service User (E00043)
  • Direct Messaging during a Video Consultation (E00045)
  • conduct group Video Consultations (E00048)
  • waiting room (E00062)
  • invite new participants to an existing Video Consultation with a Patient/Service User (E00066)
  • reminder of upcoming or scheduled Video Consultation (E00072)


View information about the systems this Catalogue Solution integrates with to exchange data:

Supplier asserted integrations

Supplier asserted integrations are interoperability interfaces prepared by a supplier and are not specified or assured by the NHS.

Implementation timescales

These are the typical processes and timescales to implement this Catalogue Solution:
T-Pro deliver full implementation, training and support services directly to our customers. T-Pro will provide a dedicated Project Team consisting of a PRINCE2-certified Project Manager, Development Consultant, Application Consultant and Training Consultant, and overseen by our Project Management Office (PMO) Manager. The implementation of eClinic Manager will be undertaken by the dedicated Project Team, working in full collaboration with the customer’s own Project Team. T-Pro has the right mixture of highly experienced staff and holds the required accreditations and skills to facilitate quick and successful delivery of eClinic Manager. • T-Pro has experience in quickly implementing our solution across large multi-site organisations (1,000 users) in under 4 weeks. This typically includes integration with PAS/EPR, thorough user acceptance testing (UAT) with stakeholders and a combination of on-site/remote training and regular drop in webinars. • Smaller implementations however are usually done in less than a day.

Client application type

This Catalogue Solution is supported by the following client application types:
Browser-based application
Supported browser types
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
Mobile responsive
Mobile first approach
Plug-ins or extensions required
Minimum connection speed
Screen resolution and aspect ratio
16:9 - 1920 x 1080
Hardware requirements
eClinic Manager is fully cloud-based, accessible using any modern web browser, with no client installation. This means the system can be accessed from anywhere, provided there is internet access and a functioning camera and audio facility. T-Pro is hardware agnostic and fully supports the professional range of camera and audio equipment.
Additional information
T-Pro’s team of adoption experts are happy to provide more information on the best combination of operating systems, browsers and devices for the best video consultation experience.
Native mobile or tablet application
Supported operating systems
  • Apple IOS
  • Android
Mobile first approach
Minimum connection speed
Connection types supported
  • GPRS
  • 3G
  • LTE
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
Memory size
Storage space
Hardware requirements
Built-in camera and microphone

Hosting type

These are the ways this Catalogue Solution can be hosted:
Public cloud


The T-Pro platform is hosted within a virtual private cloud on the AWS infrastructure, which ensures 99.999% availability & is consistently listed at the top of the uptime reports. AWS provides T-Pro with a Tier III+ infrastructure as defined by Uptime Institute standards. This allows T-Pro to provision highly resilient systems in the cloud by employing multiple instances in multiple availability zones and data replication to achieve extremely high recovery time and recovery point objectives.

About supplier

T-Pro is a leading healthcare technology and services provider. Our experience in successful partnerships with hundreds of large healthcare organisations means that we understand the challenges you face. We deliver productivity solutions including digital dictation, speech recognition, medical transcription, clinic management, video consultation and workflow automation tools that help you in reaching your objectives. Our goal is to deploy state of the art technologies and complementary services to simplify the way healthcare organisations deliver care to their patients. We’ve grown from a start-up to a market leader in virtual care platforms – serving some of the largest health systems in the world. As the importance of virtual care continues to grow, our innovative solutions will help healthcare organisations and hospitals thrive in a changing healthcare market.

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Jonathan Larbey
Liam Murphy
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