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Medloop Video Consult


Solution ID: 10064-006

Solution information last updated: 3 June 2021
Framework(s): DFOCVC



Patients can speak to a GP or other practitioner using video conferencing on phones, tablets or computers. Links are sent to patients via SMS with the time and date of the appointment. Details of the consultation are shown in the Medloop platform along with details of the patient record.

Full description

Medloop’s Video Consult is a safe and secure video consultation platform which allows all clinicians to hold video consultations with patients at a time suitable to them. A simple to use format allows patients to easily opt in to the digital first strategy without the need to download any software. Clinicians based across PCNs can use Medloop’s Video Consult to contact patients from multiple practice lists. As a location agnostic tool, Video Consult can also be used by staff based outside of a practice to address the problems in under doctored areas and by locum staff or a company providing locum staff.


This Catalogue Solution has the following features that can help meet needs in primary care:
  • Can be used by all patients registered with GP
  • Patient summary care record available for clinician to view during consultation (EMIS only)
  • Direct writing and coding back into patient record (EMIS only)
  • Works with existing practice and patient hardware including phones and laptops
  • Almost instant access to remote consultations
  • Accessible via a link sent directly to patient
  • Suitable for multi disciplinary teams with up to 2 call participants
  • Standalone solution
  • Verification process for clinical governance
  • Can be used alongside Patient Management Optimiser for appointments & long term condition reviews

Capabilities met - NHS assured

This Catalogue Solution has demonstrated that it can help meet the following needs in primary care:

Video Consultation, 1.0.0

The Video Consultation Capability allows Health or Care Professionals to conduct secure live remote video consultations with individual or groups of Patients/Service Users/Proxies ensuring they can receive support relating to healthcare concerns when a Video Consultation is most appropriate.
How this capability was met
Capabilities are a set of requirements that are defined using short descriptions called epics. Capabilities are achieved when a Catalogue Solution meets the required epics.
There are two types of epic: must and may. Some capabilities require the Catalogue Solution to meet all of the must epics, some require only one must epic to be met. May epics are optional.
This Catalogue Solution has achieved the following:
Must epics

Must epics that have been met

  • conduct Video Consultation (E00039)

Implementation timescales

These are the typical processes and timescales to implement this Catalogue Solution:
Anticipated timescales for implementation for each GP getting connected and to provide necessary training is approximately 1 day.

Client application type

This Catalogue Solution is supported by the following client application types:
Browser-based application
Supported browser types
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Chromium
Mobile responsive
Mobile first approach
Plug-ins or extensions required
Minimum connection speed
Screen resolution and aspect ratio
5:4 - 1280 x 1024
Hardware requirements
No specific hardware requirements are necessary. Any computer/tablet that can run a supported browser will work.

About supplier

Medloop is based on four guiding principles: 1. Simplifying the relationship between patients and care givers. 2. Improving health outcomes 3. Addressing health inequalities by providing solutions in under doctored areas 4. Allowing clinicians to spend more time on delivering patient care. Our aim is to help primary care work as efficiently as possible, allowing GPs more time to spend with patients and giving patients greater involvement in their own long term health. Medloop go beyond digitalising legacy methods: we work with the whole primary care family to deliver working methods which benefit everyone - and without leaving those who cannot use technology behind. Our tech solutions include integrated methods to ensure the 10% of the UK without smartphone access can still access healthcare.

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Contact details

Thomas Thornton
Chief Commercial Officer
+44 330 808 1000
Annabelle Sanderson
+44 7867 387119