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Attend Anywhere

Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd

Solution ID: 10001-003

Solution information last updated: 12 May 2021
Framework(s): DFOCVC



Attend Anywhere helps achieve the benefits of mainstream video call access to established health and other public and private sector providers. Our tools and resources make it simple, sustainable, safe and secure for service providers to say “Yes you can attend your consultation via video” with us.

Full description

Attend Anywhere are a cloud video consultation provider, founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1998 and more recently have been working with the NHS, private health providers, central UK government departments, third sector and private corporations to support them in adopting the Attend Anywhere service, fully supported by Involve Visual Collaboration. Attend Anywhere empowers any organisation to hold secure video-based appointments, and focuses on the people involved, not just the technology.


This Catalogue Solution has the following features that can help meet needs in primary care:
  • Single, consistent entry point on service’s webpage for all users
  • Users enter queue in clinics online waiting area
  • Users don't need accounts, special software, or individual dial-in details
  • Self-testing functions help to minimise the need for technical support
  • Customisable user / provider experiences
  • Facilitates customisable post-consult evaluations per service
  • Ability to transfer users between waiting areas or clinics
  • Resource Centre: extensive resources and materials to support adoption
  • Departmental video meeting rooms for up to six sites
  • Sophisticated reporting abilities (self service)

Capabilities met - NHS assured

This Catalogue Solution has demonstrated that it can help meet the following needs in primary care:

Video Consultation, 1.0.0

The Video Consultation Capability allows Health or Care Professionals to conduct secure live remote video consultations with individual or groups of Patients/Service Users/Proxies ensuring they can receive support relating to healthcare concerns when a Video Consultation is most appropriate.
How this capability was met
Capabilities are a set of requirements that are defined using short descriptions called epics. Capabilities are achieved when a Catalogue Solution meets the required epics.
There are two types of epic: must and may. Some capabilities require the Catalogue Solution to meet all of the must epics, some require only one must epic to be met. May epics are optional.
This Catalogue Solution has achieved the following:
Must epics

Must epics that have been met

  • conduct Video Consultation (E00039)
May epics

May epics that have been met

  • end Video Consultation with a Patient/Service User (E00043)
  • Health or Care Professional can share their screen during a Video Consultation (E00053)
  • waiting room (E00062)
  • invite new participants to an existing Video Consultation with a Patient/Service User (E00066)
  • Patient/Service User feedback on Video Consultations (E00069)
  • test the Video Consultation settings (E00070)
  • disable and enable audio during a group Video Consultation (E00073)
  • disable and enable video during a group Video Consultation (E00074)

Implementation timescales

These are the typical processes and timescales to implement this Catalogue Solution:
Band 1: 3 to 4 weeks, subject to active user availability Band 2: 4 to 6 weeks, subject to active user availability Band 3 to 5 would be mutually agreed between Involve and the contracting party

Client application type

This Catalogue Solution is supported by the following client application types:
Browser-based application
Supported browser types
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
Mobile responsive
Mobile first approach
Plug-ins or extensions required
Minimum connection speed
Screen resolution and aspect ratio
16:9 - 1920 x 1080
Hardware requirements
Windows computer: 2GHz dual-core, i5 processor, 3GB of RAM, Microsoft Windows 7 or later Apple computer: Intel 2GHz dual-core, i5 processor, 3GB of RAM, (Chrome) MacOS version 10.11 or later or (Safari) MacOS version 10.12 (Sierra) or later Android tablet or smartphone: Less than two years old, with a front-facing camera, Android 5.1 or later Apple iPhone: iPhone 5s or later, iOS 12.4 or later Apple iPad: iPad Air or later, iPad (2017) or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPad Pro, 13 or later

Hosting type

These are the ways this Catalogue Solution can be hosted:
Public cloud


The Attend Anywhere platform is fully cloud hosted • The system is provided as resilient, high availability, hosted service • Underlying infrastructure is provided by accredited cloud providers, with redundant and resilient internet connections and local utilities • All systems are hardened according to recognised standards • All data transported between users and all system components is encrypted • All data at rest is encrypted


These are the supplier’s development plans for this Catalogue Solution:
A published web based roadmap is made available to all Attend anywhere customers which clearly outlines 4 key stages, these being: Proof of Concept, Design, Development, Shipped. A password to access this link will be provided on adoption of the service.

About supplier

Involve Visual Collaboration have been providing communication services for over 30 years to the public sector. We have extensive experience in delivering innovative audio visual and collaboration solutions, and as a trusted partner we specialise in supporting digital transformation in the NHS and healthcare. We focus heavily on customer service and building strong relationships, coupled with providing a high level of technical support to help ensure our innovative solutions continue to meet our client’s needs for years to come.

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Contact details

Michael Roach
Director of Digital Health Alliances
0330 088 3475
Jason Ward
Sales Director
0330 088 3475