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PATCHS Online Consultation

Advanced Health and Care Limited

Solution ID: 10046-006

Solution information last updated: 25 August 2020



PATCHS is a complete online consultation and triage solution designed by GPs and academics to help manage patient workload. It enables practices to implement a Total Triage model, and set up Virtual Hubs / eHubs for federated working.

Full description

PATCHS is an easy way for patients to contact their GP from their practice website or mobile app. Patients answer four simple free text questions – covering the details of their request and any ideas, concerns, and expectations they may have. This enables the GP practice to quickly and safely understand how best to respond. Triage, workflow management and video functionality enables practices to prioritise patients based on clinical need.


This Catalogue Solution has the following features that can help meet needs in primary care:
  • Rapid remote onboarding
  • Online patient registration
  • Triage and workflow management
  • Accessible through GP practice website and smartphone app
  • Two-way messaging
  • Video Consultations
  • Federated working for virtual hubs / eHubs

Capabilities met - NHS assured

This Catalogue Solution has demonstrated that it can help meet the following needs in primary care:

e-Consultations (Patient/Service User to Professional), 1.0.1

Enables Patients/Service Users to access support from Health and Care Professionals, across a range of settings, without the need for a face to face encounter.
How this capability was met
Capabilities are a set of requirements that are defined using short descriptions called epics. Capabilities are achieved when a Catalogue Solution meets the required epics.
There are two types of epic: must and may. Some capabilities require the Catalogue Solution to meet all of the must epics, some require only one must epic to be met. May epics are optional.
This Catalogue Solution has achieved the following:
Must epics

Must epics that have been met

  • Patient/Service User requests support (C28E1)
  • Respond to request for support from Patient/Service User (C28E2)
May epics

May epics that have been met

  • Patient/Service User makes administrative request (C28E3)
  • Self-help and signposting (C28E5)

May epics that have not been met

  • Link requests and responses to Patient/Service User Record (C28E4)
  • Live Consultation: Patient/Service User and Health and Care Professionals (C28E6)
  • Group e-Consultations (C28E7)
  • Reports (C28E8)

Implementation timescales

These are the typical processes and timescales to implement this Catalogue Solution:
Standard implementation time for a typical new site installation is within 2 working days. Your main responsibilities include ensuring that the practice meets the minimum requirements for the software, required members of staff are registered on the system, staff have familiarised themselves with online materials, staff are aware of their responsibilities, the practice website directs patients to the system and notifying patients of the service.

Client application type

This Catalogue Solution is supported by the following client application types:
Browser-based application

Supported browser types

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 11

Mobile responsive


Mobile first approach


Plug-ins or extensions required


Minimum connection speed


Screen resolution and aspect ratio

16:9 - 1280 x 720

Hardware requirements

Video Consultations require a computer camera and microphone, or a smartphone that will allow video and audio recording.
Native mobile or tablet application

Supported operating systems

  • Android

Description of supported operating systems

Android version 5.0 and above

Mobile first approach


Minimum connection speed


Connection types supported

  • GPRS
  • 3G
  • LTE
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • Wifi

Memory size


Storage space


Hosting type

These are the ways this Catalogue Solution can be hosted:
Public cloud


PATCHS is hosted on AWS, which is accredited with certifications required for public sector: ISO 27001/27017/27-18, CE+, PCI. The infrastructure is distributed across 2 Availability Zones (AZ) in the London region with auto scaling to ensure automatic recovery to meet demand and deliver maximum resilience. An AZ consists of one or more separate physical Datacentres each with independent redundant power supplies, cooling and associated facilities.


These are the supplier’s development plans for this Catalogue Solution:
Advanced takes a structured approach to roadmap planning to ensure the right level & type of investment is prioritised within each product. The roadmaps are approached in layers which are Contractual / Legislative; Technical efficiency; Maintenance / Support; New functionality, driven by both market demands and customer feedback. Each product has its own Ideas Portal where customers can post their own, & vote on, ideas posted by others for product improvements they would like included. These ideas are used, in conjunction with market analysis, to help determine the roadmap priorities. A variety of workshops are used to obtain customer feedback, including problem definition, visioning, futurespectives, risks/benefits and prototype design/review. This helps gain an in-depth understanding of the business need behind each development idea with the aim of developing solutions to meet the needs of all customers, particularly for customers operating in the same or similar environments.

About supplier

Advanced is one of the UK’s largest providers of business software and services with 19,000+ customers and 2,350+ employees. We provide enterprise and market-focused solutions that allow our customers to reimagine what is possible, innovate in their sectors and improve the lives of millions of people in the UK. By continually investing in our people, partnerships and technologies, we provide right-first-time solutions that evolve with the changing needs of our customers and the markets they operate in. Our strategy is to enable our customers to drive efficiencies, make informed decisions, act with pace and meet challenges head on. True partnership is what differentiates us from our competition. We deliver focused solutions for health & care organisations that simplify complex challenges and deliver immediate value. Advanced solutions help care for 65 million patients in the UK, send millions of clinical documents and support over 80% of the NHS 111 service.

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