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RIVIAM Secure Video Services

Targett Business Technology Limited

Solution ID: 10029-003

Solution information last updated: 8 April 2020



RIVIAM Secure Video Service with TPP SystmOne™ integration provides real-time video & audio-conferencing services between RIVIAM users & external users (patients, family, carers & professionals). This is a fully managed service. Recordings are stored securely in RIVIAM & the clinical system.

Full description

The service provides a real-time secure video or audio-conferencing call for organisations that want to deliver the clinical services themselves. RIVIAM doesn’t store or process any information outside the UK. With RIVIAM's direct interface with TPP SystmOne™, a GP or clinician can book video appointments using their regular clinical rotas. After the patient’s consultation, relevant information is automatically written back into the clinical system. Customers can fully customise the patient experience including the digital waiting room that allows patients to see where they are in the queue and answer any pre-consultation questions. The waiting room is integrated into TPP SystmOne™'s diary to provide the patient with a realistic waiting time. Booking a video consultation triggers an email invitation to the patient containing a URL link and pin code. The patient is able to access and launch the video and adjust settings with RIVIAM’s mobile app using any connected device.


This Catalogue Solution has the following features that can help meet needs in primary care:
  • Ideal for GP Federations or PCNs to offer online services across geographies
  • Provides GPs with ability to set up ad hoc or scheduled patient video or audio consultations
  • Integrates with TPP SystmOne™ enabling clinicians to book appointments using their clinical rotas
  • After consultation, relevant information is automatically written back into TPP SystmOne™
  • All information is securely hosted in the UK and stored using encrypted AES256
  • Service uses modern WebRTC internet technology
  • Enables users on the secure HSCN network to have secure video calls with internet users
  • Provides option to record and hold recordings in RIVIAM
  • Users can easily moderate video and audio calls
  • Works across all modern mobile phones, desktops and tablets

Capabilities met - NHS assured

This Catalogue Solution has demonstrated that it can help meet the following needs in primary care:

Productivity, 1.0.1

Supports Patients/Service Users and Health and Care Professionals by delivering improved efficiency or experience related outcomes.
How this capability was met
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There are two types of epic: must and may. Some capabilities require the Catalogue Solution to meet all of the must epics, some require only one must epic to be met. May epics are optional.
This Catalogue Solution has achieved the following:


View information about the systems this Catalogue Solution integrates with to exchange data:

NHS assured integrations

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Supplier asserted integrations

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Implementation timescales

These are the typical processes and timescales to implement this Catalogue Solution:
Implementation typically takes 10 – 12 days. RIVIAM’s process is as follows: Discovery (1 day), delivery of a Solution Model (1 day), configuration (3 days), development of the technical infrastructure and supporting completion of a DPIA (4 days), testing and user acceptance testing (2 days), training and go live (1 day). The extent of your configuration requirements will have an impact on the timescales for configuration. Your main responsibility will be the roll-out of the RIVIAM GP Connector (RIVIAM’s secure software which connects RIVIAM’s Secure Video Service to your clinical system) to clinician’s devices. This should take up to 1 day, depending on the number of users. RIVIAM will provide documentation. You will also need to carry out any necessary firewall changes. You will need to carry out testing and attend RIVIAM training. RIVIAM will provide a user guide and will follow a ‘train the trainer’ approach.

Client application type

This Catalogue Solution is supported by the following client application types:
Browser-based application

Supported browser types

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

Mobile responsive


Mobile first approach


Plug-ins or extensions required


Minimum connection speed


Screen resolution and aspect ratio

16:9 - 1280 x 720

Hardware requirements

Clinicians will require a device with a microphone, speakers and video capability.

Additional information

Further information about supported browsers: • Any HTML 5 compliant browser with WebRTC support • Google Chrome 28+ • Safari 11+ on iOS/OSX • Firefox 22+ • Opera 18+

Hosting type

These are the ways this Catalogue Solution can be hosted:
Private cloud


The Secure Video Service is hosted in UK Cloud's Corsham (Wiltshire, England) and Farnborough (Hampshire, England) high security data centres. UK Cloud is ISO27001 certified. All data is stored at rest encrypted with the AES256 algorithm, and persistent storage is supported.

Data center hosting model

With UK Cloud, RIVIAM's data centre is connected to HSCN across 2 locations. RIVIAM operates a multi-layered architecture to ensure a very high level of data security and hosting. Each of the nodes in the RIVIAM network has an RSA 2048 bit public/private key pair. This key pair is used to facilitate communication between nodes. The RSA keys provide a key pair that is used to encrypt data communication between nodes and also within the node. The nodes also have a separate key pair used for web HTTPS RESTFUL services. Each node manages a service of queues persisted in a SQL database. The message data is held in AES256 encrypted form. Only the node can decrypt the data. All data transferred between nodes is encrypted with AES256 before communication with the HTTPS restful services. This approach means that even if the HTTPS services are compromised data is encrypted with AES256 at rest.
End user devices must be connected to HSCN/N3


These are the supplier’s development plans for this Catalogue Solution:
Within RIVIAM’s roadmap for the Secure Video Service for 2020, is development of the capability to add multiple users to a video or conference call. This capability will mean that multiple users can join a single video consultation from multiple locations. It will enable service to be used by GPs and other clinicians for online video Multi-disciplinary Meetings.

About supplier

Targett Business Technology (TBT) is an innovative health and social care company that has developed RIVIAM as a secure platform for co-ordinating care. TBT has over 17 years of experience helping NHS and independent providers deliver services to improve healthcare outcomes. Initially, we provided consulting expertise to establish the Healthcare Commission, CQC and worked for national bodies including NHS Employers and NICE. Through this work we gained an excellent understanding of health and social care regulatory, management and data systems. Since 2010, we have focused on providing services to national and local care provider organisations. Over the past 5 years, we have invested in and launched our RIVIAM platform for enabling new models of care for health and social care services. In 2019 we launched the Secure Video Service. Today, RIVIAM is contracted to provide services to NHS Trusts, GP Federations and independent organisations delivering NHS services.

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Contact details

Paul Targett
Managing Director
01225 945 021
Claire Hopkins
Customer Success Director
01225 945 020