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AccuRx Limited

accuRx makes communication for healthcare professionals and patients easier. It offers patient messaging (including batch, reminders, questionnaires, documents and photos), video, online consultations and vaccine appointment management.


  • Productivity


Eva Health Technologies

Point-of-care vaccination solution built for COVID-19 and flu, recording pre-screening, consent, vaccination administration and adverse reactions. Cloud-based, interoperable and reliability-tested against over 500,000 vaccination load with 0% downtime. No change management. Start using TODAY!


  • Vaccination and Adverse Reaction Recording

healthya Vaccination Booking System

ADDVantage Technologies

healthya Vaccination Booking System is a secure online appointment management solution that will help manage the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccination. Users have a choice of whether they want to use their phone or desktop to access the system.


  • Appointments Management – COVID-19 Vaccinations

Medloop Integrated COVID-19 Vaccine Manager (ICVM)


Medloop's Integrated COVID-19 Vaccine Manager (ICVM) is an appointment management solution that supports coronavirus vaccinations. It provides the functionality to organise all aspects of vaccination appointments and helps reduce vaccine wastage.


  • Appointments Management – COVID-19 Vaccinations

Q doctor

Q doctor (MyMed Ltd)

Q health is a secure video consultation platform and appointment booking platform used around the NHS, enabling digital appointment booking (including COVID-19 vaccination appointment management) and remote consultations between clinicians and patients.


  • Appointments Management – COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Video Consultation

SystmOne GP

TPP – The Phoenix Partnership (Leeds) Ltd

SystmOne GP has been evolving for over 20 years, with continuous clinical input. It is one of the most advanced clinical systems in the world and is used by more than 2,700 GP practices nationwide. SystmOne GP is the ideal solution to meet the ever-changing needs of modern general practice.


  • Appointments Management – Citizen
  • Appointments Management – GP
  • Communicate With Practice – Citizen
  • Data Analytics for Integrated and Federated Care
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