- Video Consultation

Allows Health or Care Professionals to conduct secure live remote Video Consultations with individual or groups of Patients/Service Users ensuring they can receive support relating to healthcare concerns when a Video Consultation is most appropriate.

NHS defined Epics

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Supplier defined Epics

NameAppless Video DescriptionEnables the Health or Care Professional to provide a video consultation without the requirement fo the Patient / Service user to download any software.
NameConsultation Countdown DescriptionEnables the Patient / Service User to see a count down clock in the waiting room for Health or Care Professional consultation to start.
NameInstant Vital Signs DescriptionEnables the Health or Care Professional or Organisation to switch on or off automated artificial intelligence measurement of heart and respiratory rate.
NamePop Out Floating Video DescriptionEnables the video image to float over other applications. No need for second screens and enables Health or Care professional to maintain eye contact with Patient / Service User.
Solution information last reviewed: 18 April 2024