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Overview is a platform that enables health and care professionals to rapidly consult patients. No downloads are required and additional features include transcription, translation, group consultations and recording. can be used as a standalone or integrated video consultation system.

Full description provides an advanced web-based video consultation system for both primary and specialist care services. Patients do not need to register or download any apps, they simply click a link at the time of their appointment. The system is used by over 10,000 UK clinicians and provides for major national organisations (such as Specsavers). NHS Single Sign On provided. Within the platform are advanced features, for example appointment scheduling, screen sharing, background image/blurring, instant transcription (for hard of hearing) and translation (into 104 languages), messaging, file sharing, video storage and sharing and artificial assessment of vital signs. The platform allows secretarial/admin access and comprehensive data analysis. is part of the GoodSAM system with an exceptional track record supplying cutting edge technology globally. Our core pillars are governance, security, collaboration, and innovation which we use to deliver the best patient care.

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Solution information last reviewed: 8 December 2021