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Conflab Health

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Flabba Limited

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Foundation Solution



A fully customisable and brandable online video consultation platform with integrated healthcare-specific workflows. Conflab Health can be bought as is or customised to meet your specific operational needs ensuring that Conflab Health supports your immediate and all future requirements.

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Conflab Health is the perfect prescription for online and video consultations. It can be bought as an off-the-shelf, ready to go solution as is, but is also entirely customisable and brandable. This means the Conflab Health Team will be able to work hand in hand with you to ensure all of the integrated workflows within the system meet your precise operational needs and branding requirements. We will always be able to add new features and workflows throughout the lifespan of your engagement with us to ensure that you have a future-proofed solution. Conflab Health truly is the perfect prescription for remote patient consultations.

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Solution information last reviewed: Tuesday, 07 December 2021