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These are the Additional Services offered with this Catalogue Solution:

What are Additional Services?

Additional Services are add-ons that provide additional functionality to a Catalogue Solution for an extra cost. For example, enabling a Catalogue Solution to be used on a mobile device.

Additional Services available at a flat price
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Additional ServiceOuris Remote Monitoring Price per unit £0.0000 per patient per year

Ouris Remote Monitoring


Ouris Health solution connects Health Care Professionals with Patients at home and in Nursing homes to monitor vitals and to provide advice and management remotely by messages and video consultations. Health care professionals could remotely monitor patients Blood Pressure, Pulse, Saturations, Temperature, Respiratory Rate, BMI, Weight and daily mood changes and be able to set targets and goals. This solution allows patients to record symptoms and its daily severity and be able to record Covid Vaccination details and monitor its side effects.

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£0.0000 per patient per year
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Solution information last reviewed: Tuesday, 05 April 2022