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Ouris Health provides a complete healthcare communication solution connecting patients with primary, secondary and social care providers. The solution provides a safe and secure online and video consultations along with remote monitoring and virtual ward features.

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Ouris Health's video and online consultation capabilities allow health or care professionals to conduct secure live remote consultations with individuals or groups of patients, service users or proxies, ensuring they can receive support relating to healthcare concerns. The solution reduces the need for travel and provides a greater flexibility and choice for its users. The solution offers triage features to help make informed decisions about responses and provides instant self-help advice or signposting to relevant services. Ouris Health provides a complete digital health experience, providing connectivity between health and care professionals, remote monitoring, virtual wards along with COVID-19 features (vaccination details and side effects logs) and notifications. Solutions are available for patients in apps to self-manage health and wellbeing (for example, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, breathing, saturations, BMI, weight, daily mood changes).

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Solution information last reviewed: 5 April 2022