OneContact Triage - Capabilities and Epics

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What are Capabilities?

Capabilities are how you can match a Catalogue Solution to a business need. For example, you may want to enable GP staff to make a digital record of any consultation with a patient. You can therefore identify Catalogue Solutions which offer the 'Recording Consultations' Capability.

Each Capability is a set of requirements that are defined using short descriptions called Epics. The more functionality a Catalogue Solution has, the more Epics it will be able to meet for a particular Capability.

Capabilities met

This Catalogue Solution has demonstrated that it can help meet the following business needs:

Capability CapabilityOnline Consultation
The Online Consultation Capability allows Patients/Service Users/Proxies to request and receive support relating to healthcare concerns, at a time and place convenient for them.
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Capability CapabilityVideo Consultation
Allows Health or Care Professionals to conduct secure live remote Video Consultations with individual or groups of Patients/Service Users ensuring they can receive support relating to healthcare concerns when a Video Consultation is most appropriate.
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Solution information last reviewed: 7 December 2021