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Primary Care IT, trading as OneContact, provide a digital platform that enables GP practices to communicate remotely with patients where a face-to-face appointment is unnecessary, improving convenience and access for patients and freeing up clinical time, so it can be used in the most effective way.

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OneContact offers video and e-consultation capabilities that are easily embedded into GP practice websites, with rich, dynamic and clinically validated e-consultation templates that effectively signpost patients to the most appropriate treatment or services. Where a GP appointment is still necessary, the forms provide clinicians with a succinct overview of relevant clinical information in advance, so the subsequent appointment can be delivered more efficiently. OneContact also enables clinical reviews to be done remotely, with a wide range of clinical review templates for asthma, diabetes and more. Patients are sent a text link to a form where they complete information online that would otherwise be recorded in an appointment. The forms capture relevant Quality and Outcomes (QOF) data alongside additional clinical information and are sent to the clinical system for review. Clinicians can hone down on the most important areas quickly and only bring patients in for the elements of care that are essential.

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