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AskFirst AI platform supports patients with their health query or concern. Customisable to practice needs, AskFirst has inbuilt specialist signposting and works on a triage first approach. Working collaboratively with GPs, PCNs & 3rd sector services, AskFirst helps with prioritising demand.

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AskFirst allows patients to obtain the right healthcare advice and support when they need it. Developed by NHS GPs and leading global AI, Healthcare IT company, Sensely, patients take more control of their own health. AskFirst works on a triage first / signposting approach through: - Customisable primary care protocols including appointment management (booking and cancellation) - An interactive automated, AI primary care-oriented symptom checker triaging patient to the most appropriate onward care service (self-care, NHS111, practice appointment, pharmacy, physio dental or accident and emergency) Other features available within AskFirst include: Customisable booking protocols (e.g. Health Checks, Vaccines), Self Care advice, Long Term Condition Monitoring, Administration Requests, Wellness Advice (e.g. Weight Management, Coping with Diabetes Type 2), Campaign Management (e.g Flu Screening and Booking).

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Solution information last reviewed: Tuesday, 15 March 2022