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Medloop Integrated COVID-19 Vaccine Manager (ICVM)

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Coronavirus Vaccinations
GP IT Futures

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Medloop's Integrated COVID-19 Vaccine Manager (ICVM) is an appointment management solution that supports coronavirus vaccinations. It provides the functionality to organise all aspects of vaccination appointments and helps reduce vaccine wastage.

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The ICVM is a COVID-19 vaccine appointment management solution that enables healthcare professionals to upload patient lists and invite patients (via SMS) to book their first and second vaccination appointment based on the appropriate vaccination window. The solution also offers an intuitive calendar that has the ability to mark open time slots, book patients in and record any adverse reactions from the vaccination directly into the patient record. The ICVM is more than just a calendar and appointment booking tool, and is designed with the patient in mind. Features include patient consent collection and patient education. Patients can accept or decline an invite to reduce vaccine wastage. Booked patients will receive automated reminders 24 hours prior to their appointment.

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Solution information last reviewed: Tuesday, 07 December 2021