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Aire Logic

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GP IT Futures

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AireConsult is an online consultation and video consultation platform facilitating paperless working across health and social care. Acting as a healthcare front door, it allows patients to access GP services such as booking, amending or cancelling appointments, repeat prescriptions and much more.

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AireConsult allows patients to access clinical consultation on a range of health queries by filling out a simple form or arranging a discussion by video with their GP. Clinical software needs to reflect the dynamic, varied nature of the healthcare sector, so we designed AireConsult to be responsive, versatile and interoperable. It is accessible via a simple web link on a range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptop and desktop computers, and has been designed to provide a user friendly and intuitive experience for patients. We believe in iterative development of healthcare solutions, and are constantly drawing on feedback from clinicians and other users in a range of healthcare contexts to ensure AireConsult helps smooth the patient pathway to offer timely access to health services for patients, whilst helping to relieve pressure on GP services.

Solution information last reviewed: Wednesday, 08 December 2021