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FootFall is a complete digital practice that enables patients to engage with all areas of the practice online. With the option to operate in Digital Triage mode, FootFall can transform the way your patients access care and how you manage demands on the practice.

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FootFall saves administration and clinical time by reducing the number of on demand phone calls and unnecessary appointments. All requests are triaged, prioritised, tracked and, when appropriate, assigned to clinicians who decide on an online response, phone call, video consultation or face-to-face appointment. • Free up clinician’s time for those patients most in need by utilising their time more effectively. • Help practices to manage their workload. • Keep track of patient requests through the practice workflow. • Increased patient access. Available 24/7 and avoids long waits on the phone. • Incorporates video consultations. • Supports remote access to the FootFall system, for example, from backup premises or from staff member’s homes. Can operate in Primary Care Network (PCN) mode, allowing member practices to share services and resources across the PCN.

Solution information last reviewed: 10 August 2023