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The service drives pro-active patient healthcare by delivering patient healthcare alerts and calls to action. These are generated by executing risk stratification algorithms against patient data. The algorithms analyse the patient data to construct a clinical risk profile for each patient.

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The service ensures a standardised and objective approach to applying risk stratification to patient cohorts to deliver true equality of care. This has been further enhanced by the introduction of the NHS Core20PLUS5 criteria within the service to enable targeting to drive health inequalities improvement. Risk stratification: Identifying those patients needing urgent intervention. Automated patient alerts are highly specific in order to identify patients with genuine reversible risk. Active monitoring of your patients: Over 10% of patients need enhanced monitoring, these are often the same patients that do not present at the GP practice. Through the validated Advice and Guidance (Eclipse Live) service optimal monitoring is delivered. Reduced GP workload: Central patient tracking and standardised calls to action enable GPs to delegate workload to their wider team whilst ensuring clinical excellence.

Solution information last reviewed: 18 April 2024