SystmOne GP - Implementation

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GP IT Futures

Implementation details

These are the typical processes and timescales to implement this Catalogue Solution:

If a greenfield unit is required, the turn-around time to receive the live unit can be as quick as two weeks, once a signed contract is in place and all staff have received the required training. TPP will assess the request and set-up the unit as specified in the order details. Once the live system is ready to use, TPP will be in touch with the contact who requested the unit. When transitioning from a previous system that has a mature adapter in place (EMIS Web, Vision, Microtest), implementation is a quick rollout of 8 weeks, including data migration of any existing patient records. The main phases for this implementation are: • Initial data production • Data checking • Training • Data reload and sign-off • Final data production • Go-live If transitioning from any other system, an additional 8-week adapter build period would be required. TPP maintain close contact with staff at the unit throughout these phases to ensure an efficient and accurate implementation.

Solution information last reviewed: 9 December 2021