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What are Capabilities?  

Capabilities are how you can match a Catalogue Solution to a business need. For example, you may want to enable GP staff to make a digital record of any consultation with a patient. You can therefore identify Catalogue Solutions which offer the 'Recording Consultations' Capability.

Each Capability is a set of requirements that are defined using short descriptions called Epics. The more functionality a Catalogue Solution has, the more Epics it will be able to meet for a particular Capability.

Capabilities met

This Catalogue Solution has demonstrated that it can help meet the following business needs:

Capability CapabilityAppointments Management – Citizen
Enables citizens to manage their appointments online. Supports the use of appointment slots that have been configured in Appointments Management – GP.
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Capability CapabilityCommunicate With Practice – Citizen
Supports secure and trusted electronic communications between citizens and the practice. Integrates with Patient Information Maintenance.
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Capability CapabilityPrescription Ordering – Citizen
Enables citizens to request medication online and manage nominated and preferred pharmacies for patients.
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Capability CapabilityView Record – Citizen
Enables citizens to view their Patient Record online.
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Capability CapabilityAppointments Management – GP
Supports the administration, scheduling, resourcing and reporting of appointments.
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Capability CapabilityReferral Management
Supports recording, reviewing, sending, and reporting of patient referrals. Enables referral information to be included in the Patient Record.
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Capability CapabilityResource Management
Supports the management and reporting of practice information, resources, staff members and related organisations. Also enables management of staff member availability and inactivity.
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Capability CapabilityPatient Information Maintenance
Supports the registration of patients and the maintenance of all patient personal information. Supports the organisation and presentation of a comprehensive Patient Record. Also supports the management of related persons and configuring access to Citizen Services.
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Capability CapabilityPrescribing
Supports the effective and safe prescribing of medical products and appliances to patients. Information to support prescribing will be available.
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Capability CapabilityRecording Consultations
Supports the standardised recording of consultations and other general practice activities. Also supports the extraction of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) data for the FGM data set.
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Capability CapabilityReporting
Enables reporting and analysis of data from other Capabilities in the practice solution to support clinical care and practice management.
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Capability CapabilityData Analytics for Integrated and Federated Care
Supports the analysis of multiple and complex datasets and presentation of the output to enable decision-making, service design and performance management.
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Capability CapabilityShared Care Plans
Enables the maintenance of a single, shared care plan across multiple organisations to ensure more co-ordinated working and more efficient management of activities relating to the patient or service user's health and care.
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Capability CapabilityUnified Care Record
Provides a consolidated view to health and care professionals of a patient or service user's complete and up-to-date records, sourced from various health and care settings.
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Capability CapabilityProductivity
Supports patients or service users and health and care professionals by delivering improved efficiency or experience related outcomes.
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Solution information last reviewed: 9 December 2021