SystmOne GP - SystemOne Shared Admin

SystmOne Shared Admin allows a group of practices to share administrative and clinical functions. This functionality is ideal for organisations working closely together who may share staff, reception desks or perhaps a building. The functionality gives groups of practices the option to share various system areas such as appointments, visits, tasks, record access, reporting and pathology. Networks can use one of two ways to share functionality – either sharing each function between all organisations in the group or selecting one central organisation that shares with all the others. Where a patient has access to view their patient record, they will be able to view data recorded during a consultation at any of the services linked through Shared Admin. Shared Admin tools can support practices and PCNs by improving opportunity for risk stratification across larger data sets, enabling better case finding, recruitment, data entry and data extraction for clinical trials.

Capability CapabilityProductivity
Supports Patients/Service Users and Health and Care Professionals by delivering improved efficiency or experience related outcomes.
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Solution information last reviewed: 9 December 2021