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Evergreen Life
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These are the levels of service the supplier has committed to for this Catalogue Solution:

Service availability  

This is when you can contact support services for this Catalogue Solution.

CategoryTime periodApplicable days
CategoryCore support hours Time period06:30 - 20:30 Applicable daysMonday - Friday inclusive and excluding Bank Holidays
CategoryNon-core support hours Time period20:30 - 06:30 Applicable daysSaturday - Sunday and Bank Holidays
Contact details  

Contact details

This is how you can contact support services for this Catalogue Solution.

ChannelContactAccessible hours
ChannelEmail Accessible hours00:00 - 23:59

Service levels

These are the levels of service provided for this Catalogue Solution.

Catalogue Solution availability  
Service level       
We endeavour to provide a reliable and stable system with minimal service disturbances for our users, with an OSL of 99.5% both inside and outside of Service Hours
How the service levels
are measured
Measured system-wide where the service is inaccessible for a high distribution of either practice or patient users
Are service
credits applied?
Solution information last reviewed: 8 December 2021