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These are the typical processes and timescales to implement this Catalogue Solution:

The implementation programme is readily scalable and supports practices to quickly realise benefits. Most practices take 3-4 weeks to launch day, but they can choose to move faster. We work with all staff to deliver: • Planning: detailed plan is set out according to the needs and constraints of individual practices. • Preparation: training and patient communication commence. • Launch day: system is activated; benefits are felt first by patients and reception. • Adapt and refine: intensive work with the practice using ongoing performance information and psychology of change. • Waypoint: consolidates future direction. • Continuous improvement throughout the year, raising efficiency with multiple small changes. Our model of change operates in practice, cluster or wider groupings, evidenced by delivery to CCG-wide groups of practices across the UK and commissions by individual practices.

Solution information last reviewed: 8 December 2021