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askmyGP features

  • Designed from the outset for total triage and total flow to manage all patient demand
  • Single workflow ensures equity of access for all patients based only on clinical priority
  • Average 74% of patient requests online achieved from Day One of system launch
  • Dramatic improvements in practice efficiency (40% of requests completed via direct message)
  • GP rota visibility allows patient preference, with practice discretion on continuity
  • Patient login to secure portal to manage personal details and full request history
  • NHS Spine integration enables patient verification and use by proxies (15% of requests)
  • Fully featured messaging, with photos, attachments, pre-sets, one-click convert to phone or video
  • Reporting and comparison of performance across all providers aids improvement to patient service
  • Dedicated Training Partner supports change programme pre-implementation and throughout contract
Solution information last reviewed: 8 December 2021
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