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This Catalogue Solution is supported by the following client application types:

Browser-based application
Browser-based application  
Supported browser types
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Chromium
Mobile responsive
Plug-ins or extensions required
Minimum connection speed
Screen resolution and aspect ratio
4:3 - 1024 x 768
Hardware requirements
askmyGP is browser based and has no specific hardware requirements for either practice or patients. All versions of modern browser are supported. We recommend the use of dual screens in practices for ease of interaction and a webcam and headset for video consultations.
Additional information
The askmyGP patient interface has similarly minimal hardware requirements. It operates on all modern browsers and is independent of device. A Progressive Web Application (effectively an app) may optionally be used by patients, which replicates the functionality and adds to it, for example the ability to manage Android notifications. Video calls use device camera and microphone, attachments may be sent to or from the practice.
Native desktop application  
Native mobile or tablet application  
Solution information last reviewed: 8 December 2021