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askmyGP Region extends the benefits of the askmyGP complete workflow system at practice and network levels to cover an entire region’s healthcare economy (for example, CCG or Health Board).

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askmyGP Region builds further on practice and network level capabilities to manage patient requests across an entire region, CCG or Health Board. Patient requests can be shared or transferred to any provider in the locally defined network. Comprehensive reporting across all linked providers helps to improve performance and reduce variation. Knowledge is provided both to frontline users for feedback and understanding, and local leaders to develop the whole system. • The only OC solution proven to reduce avoidable A&E attendances (by ~20% - Health Foundation Dec 2020). • Analytics is provided in real-time for users in practices, networks and CCG/Health Board management. • Measurement is guided by what matters to patients and professionals: - Time to get help and resolve requests, measured in minutes - Choice of clinician for continuity. - Demand by hour, day, week, to enable capacity planning. - Consultation mode, to improve efficiency. - Patient feedback, FFT and free text.

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