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askmyGP Networks extends the complete workflow system for practices to all providers across a network, including PCN or Secondary Care allowing patient requests to be assigned seamlessly to the most appropriate individual or service in the network while improving service efficiency and integration.

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askmyGP Network extends the Practice-level system. Networked capabilities mean that patient requests can be seamlessly assigned to any provider in the locally defined network, including other practices, physios, pharmacists, social prescribers, etc. • >70% of patient requests are made online • One click triage and assignment • Integrated capacity/demand model to plan clinical resources • Median completion time for all requests: 160 minutes, 87% same day • The only OC solution proven to reduce avoidable A&E attendances (by ~20% - Health Foundation Dec 2020) • Peer-to-peer architecture allows any provider to be linked to any other to form a network • Workflow manages requests within the network by sharing or transferring patient requests: - Sharing retains control with the original provider, but could be to seek an opinion - Transfer moves responsibility for the patient request to the new provider - Referral decisions are made by clinicians • Comprehensive and interactive Network-wide reporting

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