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GP IT Futures


accuRx makes communication for healthcare professionals and patients easier. It offers patient messaging (including batch, reminders, questionnaires, documents and photos), video, online consultations and vaccine appointment management.

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accuRx is a communications platform for patients and practice staff with: ● One-click save to record for all interactions with and about patients ● Integrated inbox and task management ● Analytics dashboard for CCGs to track practice level usage ● 95% average live chat support satisfaction ● +85 user Net Promoter Score ● Live support chat with <5 min response and 95% satisfaction ● Help Centre of hundreds of user support articles online ● Download, install and start using within 5 minutes ● No training required ● Integration with IM1 (EMIS/SystmOne), PDS, NHSmail, Single Sign On, NHS Login ● Designed for the 100% with no patient account set-up required and accessibility on old browsers, for example IE10 accuRx is used by 98% of practices where it has improved both staff and patient experience. According to a recent user survey, it saves staff on average 2.5 hours a week, frees up on average 15 appointments per practice per week and achieves cost savings of 33% on postage, stationery and printing budgets.

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Solution information last reviewed: 9 June 2022