Implementation - Black Pear Core Care Record

These are the typical processes and timescales to implement this Catalogue Solution:

Using Agile methods, a series of standard activities is used to reach go-live. Certain activities are run in parallel or in series. Dependencies mean typical project implementation is 12–14 weeks to consult with clinical design groups, third party agencies, CSU’s. Times are usually elapsed times. • Agree Care Record views and workflow 1-2 weeks • Design, approve and produce Care Record and workflow 2–8 weeks (only if library versions not suitable) • Configure and deploy standard Core service components 1-3 weeks • Configure notification services 1-3 days • Deploy and activate Core to GP practices 4-8 weeks • Activate SMSP PDS service 2-5 days • Support clinical safety and data sharing agreement review 1-2 weeks • Training needs assessment and training plan 2-4 weeks • User Acceptance Testing and licensing 1 week • User Acceptance Testing and outcome review 2-4 weeks • Configure Adastra for NHS 111 and Out of Hours 2-4 weeks • Integrations with other services/systems 1-4 weeks • License remaining users and go-live 1+ weeks

Solution information last reviewed: Monday, 13 December 2021