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eMR (electronic medical reporting) is a free service enabling GP practices to create digital, GDPR-compliant Subject to Access Requests (SARs) and third-party medical reports in minutes - even for instructions received by post.

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eMR saves 82% of time when completing SARs and AMRA consent forms, and is free. The service is paid for by the instructing party requesting a patient report with consent (evidenced). eMR offers automatic and manual redaction features applied to the digital medical report, before it is sent to the instructing party. SARs and insurance reports are completed in under 15 minutes and are safely delivered and invoiced on the same day, with your practice receiving its fees electronically every month. eMR can be set-up within 10 minutes, is extremely intuitive and easy to use. All electronic requests are processed in accordance with the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988, and in line with the Information Commissioners Office and British Medical Association guidance as set out in the ‘Principles for Obtaining Medical information electronically from general practitioners'. The release of information enables the Data Controller to provide information to a third-party.

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Solution information last reviewed: 6 December 2021