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Best Pathway enables national and regional authorities to manage and distribute decision support information directly to primary care users. Users have access to templates, pathways, referral forms, patient information leaflets, travel information and medicine reference during consultations.

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Best Pathway is a single, essential clinical knowledge base and information platform that overcomes information overload. Activated in the clinician consultation workflow providing immediate access to relevant and standardised knowledge and information that is tightly aligned to national and local protocols, guidelines, intelligently coded and presented at the appropriate time. It is designed to improve clinical knowledge, provide instant access best evidence treatment pathways, medicines advice and features that save time and improve outcomes. Our comprehensive, searchable database with more than 25,000 national, regional and local clinically relevant documents ranging from professional guidance, patient and medicines information is sourced from the UK’s leading medical publishers and organisations. It enables national, regional authorities and/or local practices to manage and distribute relevant and policy aligned decision support information to primary care users.

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Solution information last reviewed: 9 December 2021