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Informatica Systems Ltd

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GP IT Futures

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Audit+ is a tool designed to raise standards of clinical care. Comparing the patient's clinical record with a database of evidence based guidance, specific to medical history & personal circumstances, delivering prompts to the GP and tools to support patient management within and outside a consultation.

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Audit+ is a unique software suite that helps healthcare organisations deliver highly effective advanced population health to reduce the prevalence of long-term conditions more effectively. The software suite provides the most customisable, flexible data audits on the market for more advanced patient data identification and collection. By automatically identifying eligible patients according to a list of programmed rules, Audit+ helps primary care teams manage high impact and effective preventative programs with little administrative burden and easy automatic processes. Simple, discreet signposts and alerts give GPs the information they need to deliver the most appropriate care programmes to amenable patients and central reporting functionality allows accurate analysis of the needs of a population, individual patients and smaller cohorts. Audit+ is proven to deliver effective programs for: • Preventative care • Diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention • NHS Health Checks

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Solution information last reviewed: Tuesday, 07 December 2021