Associated Services - Anywhere Consult

These are the Associated Services offered with this Catalogue Solution:

What are Associated Services?

Associated Services help you to implement or optimise the live operation of a Catalogue Solution or Additional Service, for example, training or data migration.

Associated Services available at a flat price
Associated ServicePrice per unit
Associated ServiceAnywhere Consult – Integrated Device Price per unit £1,680.0000 per item

Anywhere Consult – Integrated Device


The integrated device is a laptop that is pre-loaded and pre-configured with proven, specialist Anywhere Consult software. This also includes a smartcard reader and HSCN access.

Order guidance

The typical number of units ordered is one. There is no maximum number of units that can be ordered.

Price type
£1,680.0000 per item
Solution information last reviewed: Monday, 13 December 2021