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EMIS’ mobile working solution designed to provide full access to EMIS Web and other essential NHS digital services via a portable 2-in-1 device. Connectivity via WAN, Wi-Fi or 4G helps maintain real-time access to vital patient information at the point of care, supporting informed decision-making.

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Flexible mobile working is an essential part of ensuring that you can deliver great care when and where it’s needed. By giving you complete access to EMIS Web when working remotely, Anywhere Consult provides the support you need to make the most effective decisions at the point of care. With full and secure access to a patient’s medical record, including their medications and appointments, it gives you access to important information no matter where you are. Attachments and information can be easily stored too, and you can view, edit and update patient records in real time. Anywhere Consult provides you with a back-up in an emergency, since it allows you to continue to use your clinical system even if your site is inaccessible.

Solution information last reviewed: 13 December 2021